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Bath Remodeling

We offer an all-inclusive bathroom renovation package that can take care of virtually any size project, from ceiling to floor. We can handle every detail with a 100% satisfaction guaranty. From cabinets to tile…from bathroom fixtures to shower doors… from plumbing to painting… and from basic to cutting-edge luxury, we’ve got you covered!

As with all KOLBEK projects, in bathroom remodels we embrace the philosophy of “doing it right or not bothering.” We will not offer plastic tub and shower overlays, nor will we offer to re-caulk or patch tile. Putting a patch over mildew covered, water saturated walls has never been and will never be the way to have a shower… or any bathroom work for that matter…We sincerely desire that your project will serve you for many, many years. So naturally, the owners of KOLBEK Custom Furniture, remain very particular about the materials and methods used.

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